An ideal program for the most demanding professionals, expecting full freedom while carrying out design work, the highest quality guaranteeing effects, streamlining and shortening the interior design process.

A program developed to design any type of residential and commercial interiors in the tiniest detail, including: houses, entire apartments (also precise kitchen and bathroom design), banquet and conference halls, offices, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Clear and intuitive interface guarantees simple and quick servicing even for beginners in the field of design of computer-assisted interactivity of the design process and modularity of the programme

A variety of design and editing tools; numerous options for drawing and editing load-bearing and partition walls; creating random elements based on own templates; a wide selection of drawing tools; functions of inserting and editing kitchen cabinets, household appliances and bathroom accessories; unique tools to optimize the ceramic tiles use; functions of applying, moving and rotating tiles, changes in grout parameters and self-creation of layouts.

Specialist Tikkurila Paint Module will help you choose the appropriate coatings and decorative paints for various external and internal surfaces and get their detailed report along with the valuation.

The revolutionary Sopro Fug module, containing the Sopro electronic product catalogue, will allow you to plan the appropriate use of construction chemicals and will generate a complete statement and cost estimate of Sopro products used: joints, adhesives and sealing compounds; the module also has a universal base where you can add any new colour combinations.

The ability to create detailed reports with a quote (reports in * xls and * csv formats) and full, professional project documentation for contractors.

The programme includes an extensive databases of 3D interior furnishing models, kitchen bases and tile bases, both universal and containing product catalogues from renowned manufacturers.

It is also possible for the users to compose their own database of 3D models and convert 3D model files to several popular formats (including DWG, DXF, CTM, SKP) using the 3D Converter.

The last stages of work, related to the interior design in terms of lighting, colours, decorative and finishing materials, as well as specific properties of selected objects take place in an interactive, advanced visualisation environment.

Top quality of rendering and lighting effects, including the Bump Mapping effect and the Ambient Occlusion feature, interactive edition of light parameters, IES files to choose from and the option of loading customised elements.

A highly specialised visualisation tool ˗ Render PRO; the module work is based on the use of Global Illumination algorithms (including Radiosity and Raytracing).

Advanced rendering functions allow for instant creation of various visualisations of a single room (e.g. day and night lighting, different colour tones, change of contrast and stage brightening level, quick and interactive change of settings of materials emitting their own light during the calculation of global lighting distribution). See sample visualisations from the CAD Decor PRO programme.

Perfect appearance of glass and transparent elements and the effect of multiple reflections of mirrors in mirrors, thanks to the two functions of the Raytracing algorithm ˗ the conversion of refracted and reflected rays.

A possibility of saving a virtual walk in a room rendered in real time as a movie in AVI format in full HD quality, as well as illustrations (including JPG format, resolution up to 5760 × 3240 3xFull HD) and animation in Export 3D format. See our sample videos from the CAD Decor PRO programme.

Free access to the PRO account in our new CAD Share-it mobile application for project presentation on-line: 400 MB of server space, 500 views of your work monthly (for customers with an active service package).

Our service package includes free one-year service support with a possibility of its extension, online updates and access to free databases of manufacturers.


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