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Beschreibung der Kollektion

Pacific – oceanic depth in your own home.

Stormy waters of oceans and seas look spectacular. Do you enjoy watching them on a cruise? Invite them into your own space to create an unconventional, refined interior and break new grounds.

After many months of strenuous tests and modifications, Ceramstic has created a pattern unique on the global scale, with a deep tint of dark blue that perfectly resembles a stormy sea. Such ornaments will be suitable for bold designs not only in bathrooms but also in living rooms or kitchens.

Pacific tiles:

  • have been made using one of the most advanced technologies for digital glaze printing on porcelain tiles – that is why their design boasts a spectacular depth and intensity,
  • are unique on the global scale,
  • can be used to create original, ground-breaking interiors – in the glamour or modern style,
  • can be used on their own or be combined with other tile lines for a contrast effect.

Enjoy the finest example of innovative design and technology of the future combined with the unlimited imagination of our designers. Pacific tiles will bring vibrant colour into your space!

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