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About the collection

Drevo – wood-like, natural look.

A classic, raw floor is the perfect complement to retro, Scandinavian and modern interiors. However, you do not have to use actual wood. With our stylish porcelain Drevo line tiles, you can combine spectacular appearance with robustness and reliability.

The shape, texture and colours of Drevo tiles create a perfect semblance of natural boards. They can be arranged just like regular floorboards, with an offset of 1/3–1/4 of the length. This will create a natural, subtle floor that is easy to clean and resistant even to very heavy traffic.

Drevo tiles:

  • have a size of 90×15 cm – their shape resembles standard floorboards,
  • are made of high-class glazed porcelain tiles – their exceptional quality makes them resistant even to very heavy traffic,
  • are suitable for Scandinavian or retro interiors but can also be combined with glamour or Italian styles or incorporated into many other types of spaces.

Enjoy the simplicity of nature in your interiors. The Drevo line will make your space cosier.

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