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Vivo – black and white for a designer-style space.

Black and white do not have to be boring! Ceramstic once again proves that monochromatic compositions can also delight with designer style. The Vivo line, although “only” including white and black tiles, can be used to create bold and unusual compositions. All this is achieved with the unique, “wavy” and very glossy texture of the glazed tile, creating a 3D effect.

Vivo wall tiles:

  • are available in two different colours (warm white and deep black) in the fashionable format of 60×30 cm – they can be used to create interesting, unconventional compositions,
  • have a fancy, extravagant texture that refracts light in intriguing ways, creating the illusion of depth – a visual effect that perfectly complements modern, eclectic and designer-style interiors,
  • delight with their intense colours achieved with cutting-edge production technologies,
  • are specifically designed for bathrooms and kitchens – they can be used, for instance, to cover a single wall and enhance it with a touch of colour (e.g. green plants).

Timeless elegance, unique style and freedom from conventions – if these values are close to your heart, you will be thrilled by the Vivo line!

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