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Monsoon – combining cosiness, harmony and style. Warm hues of vanilla and cinnamon, exclusive pattern of the “Daino Reale” marble and spectacular gloss . . . glossy glazed Monsoon line tiles are a product designed


Moonrise – for non-conformists looking for a unique design. Do you enjoy the appearance of marble, granite and industrial concrete but… are looking for something truly special? Are you trying to create


Mourina – stylish retro with a modern twist. Perfection can sometimes be found in… the imperfect. Do you enjoy ceramic tiles with a slightly irregular shape – a shape that seems to disturb harmony but


Opp! – black and white with an exclusive twist. Although the world is not black and white, you can use these two colours to define the style of your interior and


Pacific – oceanic depth in your own home. Stormy waters of oceans and seas look spectacular. Do you enjoy watching them on a cruise? Invite them into your own space to create an


Pieretta – the beauty of natural stone with a distinct flavour. Invite natural stone into your space. The breath-taking line of Pieretta wall tiles will let you create distinct, unconventional arrangements.

Pop Art

Pop Art – minimalism elevated to an art form. Less is more. To see that this statement is true, discover the Pop Art line of Ceramstic tiles. They may seem simple and


Rosa – ceramic tiles for those who value luxury in classic form. Add a hint of luxury to your interiors and enter the world of elegant palaces, with allusions to ancient times. Rosa


Roteo – ceramic tiles with timeless elegance. Warm white, dark anthracite and satin finish – is there anything classier? The Roteo line includes unique wall tiles that can be used


Royal – luxury design fit for a king. Royal ceramic tiles are the crème de la crème of the Ceramstic range. Their exclusive quality is combined with unique design and spectacular

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