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About the collection

Mavros – a technological gem, with no competition on the market.

Mirror gloss, exclusive pattern of the iconic Marquina marble, perfect smoothness and timeless style… Are you looking for ceramic tiles that can make your living room, bathroom or kitchen truly unique? Mavros is one of the most innovative and spectacular lines of Ceramstic products. It will emphasise the style of sophisticated interiors, forming the backbone of any design.

  • Mavros tiles are one-of-a-kind on the market – our specialists have spent many months to produce the deep, “pure” black using the technology of digital printing on porcelain tiles.
  • The subtle white veins pierce the blackness to create the impression of natural marble texture.
  • The glaze has been produced using the “High Gloss” technology, which enlivens the pattern with intense image depth and a 3D effect.
  • The tile is also available in the white version – elegant and stylish. It is a perfect complement to any modern or New York style interiors. For an unconventional decoration with intriguing contrast, combine both tile patterns – dark and light. The decision is yours.

Pure black is one of the most difficult tints to produce on ceramic tiles. We have succeeded after many months of hard work, countless tests and modifications of our production lines. The Mavros line is a genuine gem on the market as well as a formidable challenge to our competition.