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Armonia – vintage with a modern twist Dreaming of a vintage kitchen or bathroom – one-of-a-kind, timeless design to give you that cosy feeling? With Armonia ceramic tiles, you will be able to create a truly


Ash – deep black inspired by the timelessness of granite The Ash line is designed for those who value elegant interiors and look for the perfect product to complement their fit-outs inspired


Aurora – the magic of pure white White kitchen or bathroom? This solution never gets old. It does not matter if you desire a minimalist, modern interior or if you prefer


Balleno – the charm of neutral beige Looking for tiles that can cover a very large floor? Tiles suitable for various interiors, easy on the eye but still with a touch of


Barcelo – for enthusiasts of unique solutions. Combination of raw, industrial style with a touch of oriental design and refined vintage – this is the basic summary of Barcelo tiles. Design


Canzoni – pure minimalism. Not a fan of vibrant, garish designs? Looking for a more subtle taste in your bathroom, kitchen or other space to calm the senses and offer a touch of refinement?


Citylife – klasyka neutralności i subtelności, dla osób ceniących minimalizm w dobrym guście. Nasza nowa kolekcja Citylife będzie idealnym rozwiązaniem dla osób ceniących sobie rozwiązania subtelne, aczkolwiek uniwersalne. Glazury i gresy Citylife, dzięki

Deep Blue

Deep Blue – the magic of the deep blue sky. Imagine turbulent, dark blue sky illuminated by lightning. This was what we had in mind when we designed the Deep Blue tiles. You

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