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About the collection

Canzoni – pure minimalism.

Not a fan of vibrant, garish designs? Looking for a more subtle taste in your bathroom, kitchen or other space to calm the senses and offer a touch of refinement? Try our exclusive Canzoni line tiles. This design shows that minimalism can also stand for luxury and elegance.

Canzoni tiles:

  • are monochromatic wall tiles available in warm, pastel colours that are easy on the eye and go well with various interiors,
  • offer a subtle gloss for a more refined appearance. Their smooth, shiny surface also makes them easier to clean,
  • are made with high precision – each tile is rectified,
  • can be used as a timeless decoration of your walls,
  • come in a variety of colours: Mocca (shade of brown), Crema (shade of white), Bianco (pure white) or Grigio (subtle grey). For a more complex design, the tiles can be complemented by decorative tiles of the Canzoni Crema Caselle or Canzoni Gringo Convecco lines or other Ceramstic tiles.

Canzoni tiles represent beauty in its purest form. They can be a breath of fresh air in your home!

Collection elements

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