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About the collection

Grinta – modern minimalism with a hint of the Orient

If you are fond of unconventional, unique tiles that can form a subtle background in various interiors while adding an interesting twist, you will certainly enjoy the Grinta line, with its non-typical large-sized 80×30 cm tiles, perfectly suited for installation on walls in a bathroom, kitchen or corridor. Subtle, universal colours and texture inspired by architectural concrete and sandstone will look spectacular in any interior.

Grinta tiles:

  • offer exceptional design inspired by eastern minimalism,
  • are available in subdued shades of grey (Gray) and warm cream (Beige),
  • can be complemented by Grinta Ombra decorative tiles in the Beige colour with embossed stripes.

Enjoy subtlety, universal colours and excellent quality in a non-conventional form.

Collection elements

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