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Opp! ’90 Kaczanowski Design – for enthusiasts of unconventional, original design.

If you enjoy nature and are also a fan of bold, original compositions, explore our Opp! ’90 Kaczanowski Design line of ceramic tiles. Designer-style decorations with onomatopoeic names: SZSZ, BZZ, KAP, CMOK, ĆWIR can become the highlight of your kitchen or bathroom, but they will also be a perfect solution for public buildings – pubs, restaurants, schools, kindergartens or stores.

Find out more about Opp! ’90 Kaczanowski Design ceramic decorations:

SZSZ – ceramic tiles with the very trendy motif of the Monstera leaf. Why is it called Szsz…? To recall the rustle of leaves in a tropical forest! Szsz glazed tiles will be an excellent and more impressive alternative to wallpapers in your living room or bedroom.

KAP – line of decorations inspired by water, more specifically – by rain. Kap decorations are supposed to recall the joy and carelessness of children. They are the ideal choice for fun bathrooms in schools, cultural centres or kindergartens.

BZZ – ceramic tiles designed for people with a sense of humour and bold approach to design, who do not take themselves and the world around them too seriously. This design is inspired by… flies. Just like that. Not everyone “gets” that, but we like to experiment with our designs.

CMOK – decorations showing full, red lips. Inspired by pop-art. They will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys bold, distinct compositions. They will also be the perfect complement or contrast to subdued spaces that need a breath of fresh air.

ĆWIR – the two decorations of the Ćwir line show birds wintering in Poland. This winter image is complemented by the white background and sketched-out tree trunks and branches. These decorations are suitable not only for bathrooms and kitchens but also for living rooms and bedrooms.

“Design does not have to be obvious and predictable. I like it when my designs offer a pleasant surprise” – Patryk Kaczanowski, Ceramstic designer

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