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About the collection

Roteo – ceramic tiles with timeless elegance

Warm white, dark anthracite and satin finish – is there anything classier? The Roteo line includes unique wall tiles that can be used to create a stylish space without losing its minimalist and modern charm! Break free from conventions with the large number of available textures!

Roteo ceramic tiles:

  • are available in the size of 60×30 cm, which can be used to create interesting, stylish arrangements,
  • the satin version is smooth and neat, like baby skin. It will engage your sense of touch as well as your eyes,
  • will be perfect, for instance, in your bathroom or kitchen – as a highlight of your space with the potential for creating sophisticated contrasts,
  • are available in a smooth version and in two versions with a 3D texture – you can combine them at will for a unique visual effect,
  • are rectified – this makes it much easier to achieve perfection during installation.

The Roteo line will be perfect in modern interiors, including industrial or designer-style compositions. Their design goes beyond common conventions to make sure that your space has that special feel.